kelsey 2


” There’s a saying in Buddhism, ‘All those things that happened in the past died yesterday. All those things that are going to happen in the future are born today.’ This tells us that we should not regret the past, but live in the present and put our hopes in the future. “

— Venerable Master Hsing Yun


My mission: 

To share my love of yoga with all sentient beings.

And to help raise the world’s vibratory collective consciousness by spreading spiritual awareness.



I’m an introverted simplistic  minimalist.

I don’t bound myself to labels and I believe that life should be taken one day at a time with utmost gratitude, mindfulness, and awareness.

I am a non-conformist who enjoys going to the beat of my own drum.

I love yoga, meditating, anime, Domo, tea, candles, and nature.

I aspire to create myself by living, smiling, breathing, and just simply being.





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