Kickstart Your Day – Create a Morning Ritual

by TheOasisWithin



Through my perspective, the way you start your morning has a great affect on the rest of your day. Instead of sluggishly and grudgingly dragging yourself out of bed, help your body align with it’s natural organic rhythm through daily self-indulgence. Doing so will help boost your energy, self-esteem, and mindset for the day.

So, how exactly does one do this? Take a step into self-nurturing and care by creating a morning ritual. How you start the day with your ritual is totally up to you. But, I will be sharing my morning ritual that has helped me even on my most busiest of days.

Start With An Attitude of Gratitude 

Once I turn off my alarm clock, I sit up and think of three things that I am grateful for. My three things obviously differs every single day, but I make sure to start my day off with the attitude of gratitude. In the beginning, I would write what I’m thankful for in a notebook. But, now, I just simply think what I’m thankful for in my thoughts and this helps rewire my mindset for the day.  To me, having the attitude of gratitude and thankfulness creates this inner smile within my spirit in the morning that helps mold the rest of the day.

Hydrate and Alkalyze

After hours of sleeping, my body is obviously thirsty. So, I will make myself a hot cup of lemon ginger tea. I choose this over coffee because it hydrates my lymphatic system, stimulates my digestive system, and helps my overall body go back to its organic alkaline state.

Get Up and Move!

Motion is lotion for the body!  Personally, being able to wake up to a new day and move my body is already such a blessing. And after a night of sleeping, my body may feel stiff and sluggish.  For me, the best way to warm up and get my body moving is through some sun salutations on my mat. My session of sun salutations often becomes a full 30 – 90 minute practice depending on my day. Movement and exercise provides me with the energy I need in the morning and also helps stimulate blood circulation which aids in bringing more oxygen to my body systems.

Just Breathe

After my yoga practice, I allow myself to be still and just breathe. Personally, taking some time to be quiet and breathe 5 – 10 deep abdominal breaths helps a lot. It allows me to create a sense of grounding, stillness, and calm for my mind, body, and spirit that helps mold the rest of my day.


How To Create YOUR Morning Ritual 

As I have said before, your morning ritual is especially made for YOU. Mold a ritual that will help prepare your mind, body, and spirit for your every day.

  • Decide your time for waking up in the morning. Wake up everyday at the same time and make sure to give yourself 20 – 60 minutes for your morning ritual.
  • Get your body moving! As I have shared above, I love to practice yoga asanas in the mornings. Your choice of bodily movement doesn’t have to be yoga. You can go for a walk or hike, do some burpees, practice some jumping jacks, etc.
  • Give time into what you love to do. If you love to read, write, draw, etc. Dedicate some time into what you love doing and allow yourself to enjoy it.
  • Create a morning ritual playlist! Gather up some of your favorite tunes and hit play when you wake up in the morning! This will help you get in the mood and set your mind into your morning ritual.
  • Make your morning ritual a daily habit! Wake up every morning for 30 – 90 days and flow through your morning ritual. After a while, it will become an organic part of your day.


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