Delcuttering Your Stuff – Minimalism For Beginners

by TheOasisWithin



Being a minimalist does not mean you have lesser belongings. It means you have awareness and mindfulness of what has significance to your life and what is just piling up as unnecessary, impractical clutter.

To live a minimalistic life materially, monetarily, mentally, emotionally, and experientially, is to ask yourself this question in regards to one’s belongings: ” Does this have any significance to me? To who I am? To my life? “

The practice mindfulness and awareness is essential to the foundations of minimalism and simplicity. Be aware of what clothes you DO wear, things you DO use, etc. And once you’re aware of your “usuals” set aside what isn’t significant for donation, a garage sale, or to give away.

And whenever something new is bought, replace any old belonging that no longer has significance to you with it. Ex: You bought a new skirt. So, set aside an old skirt that you don’t want to wear anymore for donation.

With a minimalistic way of seeing my world, I noticed that life has become a little easier. And I also feel lighter emotionally and mentally. I am still on the process of decluttering my life, but I can already feel a weight slowly being lifted off my chest. Such a wonderful feeling it is!