by TheOasisWithin

From the Japanese garden at City of Hope

From the Japanese garden at City of Hope

“Breathe through life.” He told me. “Breathe in consciously, and breathe out deeply. That is one piece of advice I give to you young kids.”

Couple of weeks ago, I came across a beautiful soul who told me something that resonates with my being. He was a cancer patient who stayed for a few weeks at City of Hope. Back in his young days, he was a professional surfer who travelled and took part in competitions around the world thanks to his sponshorship by Quicksilver and Billabong. He also was a devoted student of Kundalini Yoga teacher, Yogi Bhajan.

He told me that yoga, meditation, amd breathing has been a part of his daily life ever since he took Yogi Bhajan’s classes many, many years ago.

Breathing consciously has helped him throughout his life until this very day. He told me that whenever he would feel fear creep up at him before a surfing competition, he would close his eyes, breathe deeply, and get in touch with his inner divine self. That self that is capable of doing anything. And when he would open his eyes and get ready to ride the waves, he was ready to take on anything. He was wired. He was consciously aware.

He told me that the breath is our anchor. Our blessing. Our way of reaching into our deep inner selves for that potential we have been yearning to achieve.

He told me that even though he is laying on his hospital bed, he still practices kundalini yoga. He is still consciously breathing in and out every day because it helps him stay present and aware. It helps him with his cancer. And as long as he is still breathing, he is still fighting.