by TheOasisWithin


Appreciation of the simplistic and the minimalistic is one of the most treasured mind views one can have.

Such perception renders life, nature, and its elements enough.

Finding contentment in a morning walk.

Appreciation in the air we breathe.

Happiness in the so-called time we have.

Gratitude within the gift of a smile from another.

Happiness and contentment isn’t fueled by having more of this or more of that.

But, the mind’s eye holds appreciation and gratitude of what was, what is, and what may possibly be.

The inner self is engulfed within the present moment.

The mind harbors no interruptions of what should have been from the past and no worries of what possibly could be in the future.

The minimalistic attitude that right here, right now with what you have, who you have, and where you are is enough.