The Hidden Child Within Me

by TheOasisWithin


When I was a little girl, I recalled how much mindful awareness I had in my everyday life. It colored my everyday and exemplified my emotions, feelings, and experiences. Everything from what I can recall was vivid; filled with life and painted with color. And now I realized why. As a little child, I was attentive. I was present.

I remembered that I often looked and observed at how adults were like. How disconnected they were to their surroundings and I would wonder why. Why do they live day-by-day as if everything was permanent instead of impermanent? How could they not notice the beauty within the little things in life? Like, how the cold morning air felt like, the sounds of birds singing their everyday song, or the beauty of seeing an old couple walking together in the park hand-in-hand.

Through my observation, when we get older, we lose sight of our inner awareness. Our connection to the inner child within us. The inner child that still has wonder and amazement for the world around us. Even I have been one of those adults. But, through the practice of Buddhist meditation and the deeper excavation of my inner self through my yoga practice, I am getting in touch with that little girl within me again.

Deep in the crevices of my heart, she is still in me when I thought she was no where to be found. She is holding my hand and guiding me back to living a life filled with attentive awareness, mindfulness, deep concentration, comprehension and contemplation of everything, gratitude and thankfulness, contentment of the present, and the giving and sharing of love to all sentient beings. I am so thankful. I really missed the inner child within my heart and I hope she never lets go of my hand.