Let Go and Just Be

by TheOasisWithin


Don’t be afraid of who you really are.

Be it.

Be yourself.

Embrace what makes you, YOU.

Love what is worthy of positive attention.

Any negativity that manifests in our thoughts, actions, and intentions reaps unwholesome results.

Instead, invite love in.

Wholesome thoughts, actions, and intentions attracts positive vibrations into your being.

You just have to want to see it.

And once you see it, be it.

Allow it to flow into every sense of your being, into your creation of self.

If you can see the positive than all you have to do is go for it.

This simple positive intention can lead to wonders.

Commit yourself to positive change from negative experiences and feelings.

Instead of allowing the negative to define who you are, learn from it, and let it go.

Then allow your natural essence of love, peace, and happiness flow into you.

And just simply be.