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Month: November, 2014


Life is beautiful.

It all depends on how we view the world.

Our mind’s perception molds our manifested reality.

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Appreciation of the simplistic and the minimalistic is one of the most treasured mind views one can have.

Such perception renders life, nature, and its elements enough.

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The Hidden Child Within Me


When I was a little girl, I recalled how much mindful awareness I had in my everyday life. It colored my everyday and exemplified my emotions, feelings, and experiences. Everything from what I can recall was vivid; filled with life and painted with color. And now I realized why. As a little child, I was attentive. I was present.

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” To live in peace, we must have inner peace. To have inner peace, we must have a clear conscience. When our conscience is clear and our mind at peace, we bring peace and bliss to those around us. ”

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The Journey to My Self

Nothing lasts.

Nothing is real.

Nothing is.

There is only my journey to my Self.

Let Go and Just Be

Don’t be afraid of who you really are.

Be it.

Be yourself.

Embrace what makes you, YOU.

Love what is worthy of positiveĀ attention.

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Spring is not just a season, but a state of mind.

Life is not in body only, but also in the mind.

Old age does not mean living many years, but thinking you are old.

Our lives are measured by eternity, not years.

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