by TheOasisWithin


A couple of nights ago, I had a very vivid dream during my sleep. In the dream, I was walking on fresh, moist earth. Surrounding me were waterfalls left and right of all shapes and sizes. I would look around me in happiness, contentment, and wonder. I also remember walking up to a waterfall and looking up at it in marvel and utter amazement.

In the same night, I woke up to a realiztion that the dream was a symbol for change. A dramatic shift is going to happen in my life where everything relative and materialistic stays the same, but my perspective, view, thoughts, and approach towards my life will change. I can feel that my own self will undergo a radical transformation. Also, the fact that I recalled standing underneath a waterfall and looking up at it happily signifies a sense of renewal and cleansing.

It’s funny how I had  this dream during this time of my life. My views on happiness has  recently changed. I used to think that in order to achieve true inner happiness, I have to look outside myself. I used to think that obtaining material possessions, more money, more love, more attention, more of everything in the relative world will make me truly happy. But, now, I feel that my true happiness stems from looking within myself. My true bliss and internal happiness will come from looking into the deepest crevices of my soul. Where I face my delusions and accept my sense of who I am at this present moment. And if I don’t like what I see, have the power to change myself and create who I want to become.

I also think it is ironic because this dream occured three nights before I started taking Core Teachings of Buddhism and Beginner Meditation at a nearby Buddhist temple. I have honestly grown really interested in Buddhist concepts and teachings. And I would like to learn more about Buddhism so that I can apply it to my personal everyday life, self practice, and my yoga classes. Ever since I have started practicing yoga and meditation, I feel that my life is coming together internally. I also feel that Buddhism will help me back onto the path of creating and defining my own sense of self.