Flowing Thoughts, Rising Emotions

by TheOasisWithin

During my yoga practice and meditation today, I noticed how my thoughts came first and how my emotions came flowing in second afterwards.

My thoughts are a constant sporadic mess of who-knows-what bundled and huddled up all together into my cranium. While my emotions are the colors that link one thought with the next feeling to the next thought and so on.

Everything is spontaneous, sporadic, and random.

But, in that one split second of mindful awareness where there is a pause between one thought and the other, I notice that what links the two is my ever rising emotions. They may be subtle, and not as strong. But, they rise and then they fall. And I became aware of them.

I didn’t force them away of course. I didn’t alter my thoughts in any way either.

I just allowed them to be.

The ever flowing, coming-and-going thoughts, and the unavoidable, rising emotions.

I became aware of how at that one point in time, they were a part of me. But, they were also not a part of me.