Looking within

by TheOasisWithin

I admit, achieving stillness and clarity in my mind is still difficult for me to do in my practice, but I am not giving up.

Throughout the times of my youth, I was bound to technological devices. Being online on Myspace and Facebook or even playing games for hours on end was my way of escaping the harsh ravels of reality. Thus, I also thought that the World Wide Web would help my mind become distracted whenever thoughts of expectations, judgements, and comparisons arise.  But, looking back in retrospect, the times I spent texting on my cell phone, messaging on facebook, and playing online MMO’s were actually when I was the most vulnerable due to the fact that my mind and body weren’t fully aware.

Although I am just a beginner, meditating and the mind body connection through yoga is teaching me that being bounded to such devices vast majority of the time in a day is not going to help you practice utmost awareness and consciousness. And sad to say, they won’t help solve your problems or make them disappear either.

After my teenage years, I have been lost trying to find a means to calm my mind to the point where I started binge drinking or smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. But, now I have found that running away from myself isn’t going to help at all.

External vices will not help you solve anything. Although it can be scary at times, looking within yourself is the best you can do for your mind and body. Healing doesn’t involve a third party, a video game, or even alcohol and cigarettes. It begins with you and you alone.