Breathing in and breathing out

by TheOasisWithin

Today, I was frantically searching for an object that I wanted to use at that particular moment. I threw things around, lifted objects to search under them, and ran around the room like a mad woman.

Then, I became physically and mentally aware of my body.

I noticed that my eyebrows were furrowing, beads of sweat were beginning to form on the surface of my forehead, and my body heat was escalating.

Right then and there, I stopped whatever I was doing and closed my eyes as I began breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly. Doing four counts with each breath.

After four deep inhales and exhales, I noticed a change in the current state of my body and mind. I became calmer, my mind was still, and I was more aware to the point where I was able to find whatever I was searching for easier than I did before.

After I started my yoga practice and meditation recently, I have realized that the ability to take control of your present moment with utmost consciousness and awareness lies in the simplest gift that God has given us – Our breath. The ability to breathe helps you consciously by focusing your mind’s attention within you. Thus, allowing you to absorb and grasp the present moment. With this gift you shouldn’t underestimate your capabilities for it will aid you in getting in touch of the hidden potential that burrow deep within.

When you find yourself stuck in traffic and you’re late for work, just breathe in and out. When you can’t seem to find your driver’s license, just breathe in and out. When you weren’t able to get the grade you were hoping for in your Economics class, just breathe in and out.

Being consciously aware is the best that you can do for yourself and your body. So don’t stress. Let live. And breathe.